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Peer Study Group

With an aim to reaching out to budding therapists and counselors working in the mental health field, the Study Group is designed to help each individual to navigate the intricacies of both personal and professional growth and becoming a more competent therapist.

Professionals will have a space to share details of challenging cases they face and receive guidance and help from their peers. Members will meet experts from our field and learn application of knowledge that we don’t necessarily get guidance on.

Through expert and peer supervision on topics that directly relate to actual cases professionals will benefit from receiving a different perspective.  This additional perspective taking will help countering working in isolation. Finally, helping each other to manage burn out and finding ways to take care of self.


How does the group work?

Group size- 8 to 10 members with 2 group facilitators
Schedule- meet twice a month for a total duration of 6 hours per month.