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We actively collaborate with Schools and NGO’s within the space of emotional wellbeing, academic support, early intervention, and career focused skill development.

We have expertise in building counseling programmes, provide guidance on student management,developing content for social & emotional learning (Life skills), student small group interventions, and awareness outreach sessions.

Through our social and emotional learning classroom sessions we endeavour to equip students with skills beneficial for them to become helpful and productive social participants. The classroom sessions are envisioned to be interactive involving group discussions; role plays and other mediums to facilitate insight and internalization for each student participating. This includes creating awareness against the harmful effects of substance abuse and other addictions.

We have specific expertise in educating children about personal safety and empowering adults to recognize, react responsibly to and prevent child sexual abuse. We believe that greater steps must be taken to involve the community in protecting our children and their childhood and adults must own more responsibility.

We believe in engaging the teachers in a collaborative dialogue to better assist them in understanding and coping with a child’s internal state of mind, build stronger rapport, improve classroom interactions, and facilitate a smoother supportive learning environment.