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Group Therapy

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For Adolescent and Adults

Group therapy allows individuals to work through their difficulties by working along with a therapist and a group of individuals with similar concerns. The group setting is a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space allowing individuals to freely express themselves, speak about their feelings and struggles and receive feedback and support from their group peers.

The group size will be limited to 5-7 members. Ideally a group will meet once a week for session lasting 60 minutes.

It’s a safe space to discuss vulnerable private emotions among non-judgemental peers. Group discussions allow resolution under the guidance of the therapist.

Working in a group setting improves motivation and desire to change, communication skills and builds one’s confidence.

We provide group therapy services for Grief, Illness, Trauma, Care givers. For younger children and adolescents, we provide Emotional Regulation and Social Skills groups.

Social Skills Group

Our social skills peer groups focus on helping children develop age appropriate social, emotional and developmental milestones. Sometimes children need a helping hand to get through their early formative years. Research says that if children learn to manage personal feelings, demonstrate empathy, and interact positively with others they will develop a strong foundation for later development.

Social Skills groups are small groups led by a therapist where children learn appropriate ways of interacting with each other. Learning takes place and change is affected through the interpersonal feedback and practicing of skills. Social skills groups include 2 to 8 children, meeting for a session lasting 60 minutes. It helps children learn conversational, friendship and problem solving skills.

The Peer groups are most helpful, for example, for a child who has trouble starting a conversation or being aggressive in his or her interactions etc. Sessions have specific social developmental skills to achieve, and is divided into social, verbal and motor activities