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Corporate Engagement

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We offer employee wellnesss programmes with the objective to promote a healthy and positive work environment, where every employee experiences equality and acceptance to utilize opportunities to flourish professionally.

An optimum Employee Wellness programme can boost morale, improve fitness and health, and increase productivity at work. When you have healthy and happy employees, your company can reap the benefits. Our Employee Wellness programme can encourage your employees to make smart and healthy choices.

We provide company employees access to ethical and need based counseling services through in person or online platforms.

Our interventions under mental wellbeing include understanding stress and its adverse effects, using holistic healing with yoga to cope with stress, making talking about mental health more acceptable and dealing with compassion fatigue.

  • Turning Stress into Strength through Stress Management
  • The Mind Body Connect: Yoga and Mindfulness at Work
  • Mental Health Awareness: Removing Stigma
  • Understanding and Dealing with Compassion Fatigue

Making workplaces more secure and positive, allowing an employee to utilize professional opportunities to grow and build their skillset while contributing to the overall productivity. Our diversity and inclusion trainings and focus on POSH help companies achieve this objective.

  • Inclusion & Diversity Training: Toward a more Inclusive and Supportive Work Environment
  • “What’s your ‘ism’ count?” Inclusivity at the Workplace
  • Prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace: It’s a matter of respect

Workplace culture is determined by how employees interact, communicate, resolve issues and engage with each other. Our workshops will maximize employee performance through conflict resolution, positive workplace communication and cohesive team building efforts.

  • Conflict resolution at the workplace: Chaos to Calm
  • Positive workplace communication: What to say and how to say it
  • Working as a team: How to work better together

Every organization and individual has an obligation to the community and society at large so that we maintain a balance between the ecosystems and economy. It is crucial for companies to encourage socially responsible behaviour from their employees that exhibits compassion to self, others and the environment at large.

  • Awakening the social conscience: evolving the empathy quotient
  • Building ‘green’ awareness: creating environmentally conscious employees