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Child & Adolescent

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It is estimated 1 in every 8 children is coping with mental health difficulties. When emotions are left unaddressed, they affect a child’s behaviour, feelings, ability to learn, social relationships as well as their physical health and wellbeing.

We believe that hidden within each child is an abundant potential that may remain untapped if not given the right nurturing environment and opportunities.

To explore their potential most children, require a safe space. This safe space is one without judgment, unconditional positive regard, acceptance and ample of opportunities to falter and grow through the learning process. Our individual therapy and group settings, is this very safe space that we know will aide each child’s development.

Our individual therapy services are brief or long term depending on the emotional concerns and turmoil presented by each child. Virginia Axline a pioneering child psychotherapist stated that a child’s mind needed to be free of chaos and his emotional wellbeing catered to for him to be able to focus on academics. By reflecting upon the internal state of a child’s mind, children achieve personal growth by understanding their own strength to warrant long-term change.

We provide therapy for children starting from Age 2.

Parent Collaborations

Workshops and consultancy to help parents understand their child’s emotionality, learn about child development milestones, and be equipped with tools for positive parenting

We assist parents with ways to develop their child’s confidence and self-esteem, conflict resolution, and help them engage with their children better.