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We provide need based psychological assessment to individuals, both adults & children to gain better understating off emotional concerns and psychological difficulties faced. We believe that testing should serve a purpose bigger than the client receiving a diagnostic ‘label’. We strive to make testing a tool that better help in planning treatment outcomes for our patients and gives them clarity on what is possibly going on with them internally.

We employ standardized assessment tools for evaluation based on the specific issues of the client. Psychological assessment is typically done in a formal manner by a trained and qualified clinical psychologist. We use standardized and empirically reliable tests and other clinical scales for measuring intelligence and academic achievement, learning difficulties, behaviour assessment, personality and Neuro-psychological assessments.

If you need to do assessments:

  • Schedule an appointment for the testing.
  • Depending on types of tests needed, you may require a 2-hour slot for either one or two days.
  • These tests are paper-pencil tests and/or use of some material.
  • Be suitably rested.
  • If you require glasses or hearing aids please carry them along.