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Welcome to Mind & Me !

What is therapy?

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Sexual Harassment At Work

Welcome to Mind & Me !

We are a team of qualified Clinical Psychologists and Social Activists providing various Mental Health Services.

What is Therapy?


Sexual Harassment in the workplace


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13.7 %

of India’s population suffers from various mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety


of these require immediate attention


of people with mental disorders do not seek help even though they have been suffering for over 12 months

In a Word

We at Mind & Me – Mental Health Services are committed to the emotional wellbeing of every individual. We believe that good mental health is more than the absence of a mental health problem. We wish to promote good mental health, where every individual we connect with is mentally or emotionally healthy and imbibes positive characteristics that enable them to live life to their full potential.

Gitanjali has a natural ease with children. Her therapy sessions are something my usually reticent daughter has come to look forward to. There is no one else I would trust more. Thank you Gitanjali.



I attended one of the Trauma workshops conducted by Suchismita. Her grasp and expertise over the subject is well informed and has a natural ability to deliver information in a succinct manner. The session was engaging and as a professional left me with enough insight on how to use the knowledge learnt in my own work.

Trauma Workshop Patient

Trauma Workshop Patient

I have attended a few workshops conducted by Gitanjali, and I couldn’t recommend them more highly, for parents and teachers. She is very insightful, and has many helpful suggestions that are easy to implement. The most valuable part of the session, is how she is able to bring about self-realization and then understanding in a parent, of the best way to handle a particular situation with their child. I look forward to the next workshop.